How to get free browsing cheat

For the past years now, free browsing cheat has been a trending search query with over 14 million SERP results on google, Out of these results many are no longer working while some are still working perfectly. Learning how to make use of these free data cheats is very necessary because it can help you minimize your monthly or weekly budgets on internet data subscription more especially as a student.

Most times we need to chat with friends on WhatsApp, reply some savage twitter comments, update our Instagram page but no active data plan which makes our dream to be futile, so for this I have taken time to write about this latest MTN  free browsing cheatwith Psiphon VPN and mtn cheat codes.

Are we ready to enjoy this free browsing  cheat? If yes I advice you to follow the steps below to set up up the cheat. I promise to keep everything here simple and easy to understand, If you cool with that then let’s move on.

Here’s a list of free browsing  cheats we will be looking into:

  • How to get free 500mb on MTN
  • How to get 1gb with N200 on MTN

Here’s how to get free 500mb on MTN

There is a free 500mb on MTN for every subscriber. MTN is not ready to carry last this time around as they gave started awarding free data to most of their subscribers.

This is available to all subscribers of MTN network and has been working for many people already.
There have been testimonies about this free data cheat and it’s time for you to have your own share.

All you have to do is have the following at your disposal:

  • Working MTN Sim card
  • Smartphone

Once you have that, dial *449*2# on your mtn Sim and you will receive a notification that you have been awarded free 300mb + 200mb extra.

How to get 1gb with N200 on MTN

MTN is also offering another crazy bonus to subscribers. Again, you are very lucky to have found this page because here is another free browsing cheat that you can be using on that MTN Sim card you almost threw away.

This one offers you 1gb worth of data for just N200. Usually N200, can only give you about 150mb worth of data bit bow you get x6 of it with a little bonus on top. Here’s how to activate it:Dial *131*65# and select from a list of plans given to you below.

  • 4gb for N1000 (30 days)
  • 1gb for N200 (7 days)
  • 250mb for N100 (3 days)

Those are the amazing free browsing cheats we have for you today. Don’t hesitate to start trying them out.

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